The IPS Asset Management Module

  • Track data in real time
  • Manage facilities & audits
  • Support tenants & meet compliance
  • Scale the module as you grow

With IPS up-to-date information is always at your fingertips

Now planned maintenance, stock surveys, and compliance reporting is a breeze.

Each property’s components are listed with details on lifespan, expected maintenance, and repair history. Now you have all the information for planning repairs and ensuring compliance right at your fingertips

IPS’ comprehensive dashboards give property managers a detailed overview of the status of their properties and tenants.

Each tenant has a unique profile with rental history, household information, activities, and contact information. Tenant profiles allow case managers to quickly address specific tenant needs.

IPS’ Asset Management Platform lets you

  • Maintain accurate data records
  • Plan for maintenance with complete information on every component
  • Manage workloads and tasks
  • Easily meet compliance and reporting requirements
  • Provide your tenants with the best housing experience possible

Let us show you how IPS creates

Clear, customisable, and downloadable reports

Built in automation for scheduling and maintenance

Constant access to your complete data pipeline

See how IPS can improve your efficiency
and lower costs