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We are focused on improving tenant and property management experience for private, social and affordable housing by providing SaaS solution that is quick and easy to use on mobile and tablet devices.

  • Understand the data you have
  • Develop a data strategy to reach your goals
  • Deploy the tools to get you there
Introducing IPS

Bring your data strategy to life with IPS,
Byanric’s unique data management tool

Learn how our single platform solution solves all of your social housing management needs

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Did you know:
Separating information from different departments can lead to data mismanagement

Bynaric helps you under see where departments need tocommunicate then stores all your information in one place

Ensuring everything is correctly labeled and easy to find

Stop chasing between departments when building reports

IPS improves efficiency so you can help more people get housing

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Housing is about people
But human error can lead to mistakes and unusable data

IPS’ customisable fields prevent errors when entering information

With IPS your records start clean, stay clean, and are easy to manage

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The need for affordable housing is growing
And you need to grow with it

IPS gives you the power to develop clear cost projections

And allows you to plan and budget for the future

IPS understands that housing is about helping people

We’re here to give you the tools to help
more people get the housing they need

Property Management sits at the heart of housing operations, and is IPS’ largest module

Several interconnected, specialised modules make up the Property Management Module

Tenant Management

Within the Tenant Management, each tenant has a unique profile, including:

  • Rental and contact history
  • Household information
  • Contact information

Tenant profiles allow case managers to quickly address specific tenant needs

Asset Management Module

The Asset Management Module makes it easy to

  • See all your property and component data in one place
  • Read dashboards and reports for real time overviews
  • Automate property histories

IPS is easy to use

  • Filters organise your data logically
  • Dashboards make pulling data on specific areas a breeze
  • IPS never charges for creating or populating reports

We’ve automated the hard parts of housing

  • Managers can monitor repair requests
  • Manage workloads
  • Track tasks to ensure everything is completed on time and under budget
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Stock Condition Survey Module

With the Stock Condition Survey Module you can

  • Get rid of paper surveys with fully automated, mobile surveys
  • Customise surveys
  • Never miss a component or double up on data

Work efficiently with the IPS Stock Condition Survey Module

  • Surveyors can contact tenants directly through the app to arrange appointments
  • Photo and text uploads give managers the most accurate record of properties
  • Property records update automatically upon survey completion
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With detailed information on every property management knows precisely where they stand and how to grow

Development Module

Within the Development Module you can

  • Capture new leads and access projects from anywhere
  • Track projects in real time to manage costs and funding
  • Know when properties will be available to plan for tenant on boarding
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 Complete projects roll directly into the Asset Management Module so nothing is lost in the handover

Introducing IPS

IPS is available on mobile, tablet, and desktop so you have access to your data where you need,
when you need

See how IPS can improve your efficiency and lower costs