Tenant Self Service App

Building communities &
Putting tenant engagement in the palm
of your hand

Core features of the Tenant Self Service App

Tenant Self Service app gives tenants a needed sense of control in their housing. Through the portal tenants can access their profile and records to make changes to their status as soon as it is needed.

Tenants can request repairs or assistance without going through call centres. And they can make rent payments or monitor their payment history through their own phone or computer.

The tenant portal can be completely customised to match your brand so tenants never feel like they’re being sent to another platform.

The easy to use dashboard puts your core needs at users’ fingertips.

Tenants can see their outstanding or credit balances, sort by a variety of time frames, and make payments.

One click shows all outstanding and completed repair requests.

Users can request reparis and add details directly through the mobile application, and select a time for repairs to take place. Repair requests are linked directly to the maintenance module jobs can be assigned in seconds.

Tenants can update their profiles, rent information, and households directly through the app.

Tenants no longer need to wait for paperwork to be mailed in order to update their needs

The Tenant Portal is fully customisable to your needs

Potential features include:

Community walls

Tenant Surveys

Community Groups

And more

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