The IPS Stock Condition Survey 

  • Complete surveys electronically
  • Automatically upload survey information
  • Contact tenants directly through the app

Get rid of paper surveys with IPS’

Stock Condition Survey

IPS’ Stock Condition Survey (SCS) gives property surveyors the ability to complete detailed condition surveys on a phone or tablet without the burden of physical paperwork or manual data entry.

Surveys automatically populate with property’s unique components and are customised to your workflow. With IPS there is no more skipping over or adding sections to meet the needs of a variety of properties

IPS’ task management tools make workload management simple. Managers can assign surveys to surveyors, track progress, and follow up on needed maintenance.

Surveyors can contact tenants, schedule appointments, and get directions to properties within the mobile application.

Once onsite, surveyors can enter details of a component, upload pictures for confirmation, and note needed repairs through the SCS mobile interface.

IPS’ Stock Condition Survey lets you

  • Manage surveyor workflow
  • Track maintenance needs
  • Communicate with tenants
  • Upload data automatically
  • Do away with paper surveys and manual data entry
  • Work more efficiently to deliver the best housing solutions to your tenants

Let us show you how IPS’ Stock Condition Survey can

Increase reporting accuracy

Improve tenant communication

Support your team in ensuring all your housing stock is up to date

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and lower costs