Introducing IPS

The Government’s Social Housing Plan for 2020 begins with

Everyone needs a home: a secure, comfortable place in a pleasant and sustainable community; a place to rear a family, if they so wish, and to grow old in serenity.

However, the same report goes on to site that in recent years too many are still suffering from homelessness. As of June 2019 68,693 households qualified for housing support.

While working with Cluid Housing, Bynaric founder Aria Pour saw an opportunity for improvement.

Together he and COO Jack Chapple brought together a team to create a platform to improve efficiency in social housing management and give AHBs and Local Authorities the tools to meet the changing needs for social housing support.

Integrated Property Solutions, or IPS, brings together every aspect of social housing management and automates the communication between departments.

Unlike other software solutions, IPS places data from every department onto the same platform. IPS recognizes that no aspect of housing exists in a vacuum, and their solution reflects that.

Instead of siloing information onto separate servers or different software tools data from all sections of an organisation run through the same database..

All IPS modules run on the same database

Now every department can access the same pipeline of information and make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

Modules within IPS can communicate

IPS’ platform supports the housing process at every step of the way from Development, through moving in the first tenant, to cyclical maintenance, and calculating rents.

As a project moves through the pipeline data is rolled over to the next step automatically. With IPS information is never lost in the hand over between departments.

IPS’ customisable filters and dashboards make pulling data on specific areas a breeze. With constantly updating property and tenant information you can rest easy knowing exactly where you stand when it comes to compliance and reporting.

And IPS never charges for creating or populating reports.It’s your data, you should never have to pay to use it!

IPS and the Bynaric team is here to help you help more people get housing.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming webinars, demonstrations, and discussion groups.